3 Mid-Year Party Trends We Are LOVING

Can you believe we are halfway through 2021? Whilst this year has been anything but normal, we are loving the newest party trends that have emerged. We’ve gathered a list of our 3 favourite ‘Mid-Year Party Trends’ that are bound to impress guests.

Grazing Platters

This trend has been on the rise for a while and it is clear it’s here to stay! An interesting shift that has occurred recently, is that a well-designed grazing platter isn’t just limited to Instagram influencers and those who have money to splurge.

Lockdown taught a lot of us to get creative with our food spreads and that has led to a lot of eye-catching home-made platters.

If you’re wanting to step-up your platter game, but stay COVIDSafe, why not create individual grazing boxes for your guests?

Pickup our paper treat boxes and carefully decorate them with delicious snacks for your guests to enjoy!








Lavish Backdrops

Maybe it’s because we have spent a fair amount of time indoors and need a different backdrop…. But 2021 has certainly seen a rise in Instagram worthy backdrops for parties of any occasion.

Most party goers can agree, the perfect backdrop for photos allows for fantastic photos and every-lasting memories to be posted on social media. Typically, the photo backdrop is what guests will remember out of all the party decorations. It also offers a great opportunity to define the theme of your party.

At House of Party, we are able to design custom Jumbo Balloon Garlands that serve as the perfect Instagram worthy backdrop. Pair these garlands with a luminescent hanging curtain and your guests are bound to be impressed.













Rise of Garden Parties

Nothing beats being outside on a beautiful sunny day! This year there has been a big rise in garden themed parties. Garden parties are a fantastic way to utilise your outdoor space and bring attention to the nature within your backyard through decorating. Some great ways to add a whimsical atmosphere to your garden party is through hanging string garlands, wrapping your trees in fairy lights and utilising balloons. Be sure to take care when cleaning up afterwards!











So, which trend of 2021 is your favourite so far?

Don’t forget, House Of Party has all your party visions covered! Shop online today.

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