6 Tips to Help You Host A Party With Sustainability In Mind

We all understand the importance of looking after the environment and being sustainable right? Sometimes when planning an event it can seem challenging to make decisions that benefit your vision as well as the environment. We’ve curated a list of inspirational tips and tricks to help you increase sustainability and keep the party going all night long.

Be Thoughtful With Decorations:
One of the most exciting things about hosting a party is getting to plan the theme and decorations. It can be a very exciting process, however sometimes it might not be that sustainable for the environment.
It’s always useful to do an inventory check on what you already have, especially if you want to be sustainable. Before proceeding to purchase new decorations, we always recommend having a look at what you already have.
If you are in need of new decorations, we recommend purchasing ones that you know you can use again in the future. At House of Party we have a long list of decorations that can be used multiple times, making them more sustainable for Mother Earth.








Check them out here: https://www.houseofparty.com.au/product-category/party-supplies/decorations/hanging-decorations/

Assess What You Have:
Tying into our point above about thoughtfulness with decorations, it’s always great to assess all the elements you have before going on a partyware haul. Ask friends and family if they happen to have glassware you can borrow for the event, to save using plastic cups. If they happened to have had a party with a similar theme to what you’re planning, it’s also great to see if they have anything left over.

Choose Eco Friendly Partyware:
Eco is the new cool! Nothing is worse than arriving at a party and noticing all the plastic cups, plates, knives and folks that you know will go to waste. Purchase Eco Partyware and rest easy knowing your dining-ware won’t hurt our precious environment. House of Party has a large range of Eco Partyware ready to be used. From dinner plates, to cutlery to napkins, we’ve got everything you need to sustainably cater for your guests.








Use Local Suppliers:
Support your local! It’s always best to hire or purchase services/products from your local businesses. This is because supporting local will minimise travel and road usage. Additionally, supporting your local business helps boost the community and will directly benefit hard working owners.










Stay Away From Over-Packaged Foods:
For an eco-friendly party, plastic is the enemy! When considering catering for your event, we always recommend staying away from over-packaged goods to help minimise your environmental footprint. Instead of heading straight to a major chain for your food needs, why not do the cooking and baking yourself? Or advertise on your local community page to find out if there’s any cooking whizzes in the area, nothing beats a healthy home-cooked meal verses something from a plastic container.

Think Out Of The Box With Party Gifts:
If you’re the type of person who has traditionally organised a takeaway party bag, why not think about something that can be used by your guests once they leave. Here’s a list of alternative party favours for you to consider:
⦁ A packet of seeds for them to start their own garden
⦁ Eco-friendly art supplies
⦁ A box of second-hand trinkets for each guest to choose from



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